The website has twice of traffic number after launched. Every few years, McDonald’s often time to time rebrand their business looks, this includes their corporate websites both Australian and New Zealand markets. This gives opportunity to have full closely look on the previous implementations, what can be improved, what are the mistakes, how to reduce the maintenances efforts and most importantly, how to be competitive to the latest technologies available.


Creating website pages can be fun as playing Lego™. The development approach taken by identifying what are the page elements required. The page elements such as gallery, header, video or text are built separately with concept of Lego™ blocks. The page can be consisted of one or more page elements which creates unlimited possibilities of pages.

The website has unique experiences of flexible, effortless and robust. The pages elements are made and provided in the administration panel to meet the requirements based on design. The administration panel is straightforward and simple to use, many project managers able to jump in for the first time and edit the page accordingly. The maintenance cost is greatly reduced in client point of view, because of the ability of adding/removing page elements easily.

More Detail Roles and Responsibilities

My role in the project was lead developer, was responsible on architecting the solution in Drupal 7 ecosystems. Assisting the team on the technical hands on. Involved in all journey of the development start from the requirement, user interface discussion, technical implementation, including security testing and deployment to the servers.

It is important to collect website requirements, understand and learn the issues from previous site. Make improvement and better solutions all stakeholders, public users, developers including administrator users.

Working in team collaboration, is not easy as it sounds. There are times when introducing new approach to the team. It is such unusual style in the website development, to think development in building blocks. Closely running development with designer, front-end and back-end developers, splitting website to divide-and-conquer manner.


McDonald’s Corporate re-brand site is one of the most rewarding yet challenging experiences. It was extremely impressive to have the opportunity to finish the project from the start of the gathering requirements until the end of website live deployment. The new approach of building page as similar to Lego™ building blocks was one of the most highlight of the project. It has changed my perspective of website development, it should be easy and fun not the other way around.