The Word Volkswagen, is a German word that actually means “people’s car”. As the brand name implies, the website needs to be as follow as this is people’s website. The websites are collections of experiences for prospective and existing Volkswagen customers. This combined with latest applications of CQ5/Communique5, Drupal 7 and .NET technologies.


How diversity systems make us think smarter, there is one time, the Volkswagen site was started only with CQ4 (later upgraded to CQ5). As time goes, the CQ5 standalone is not enough to push the creativity to better experiences and features. Hence, “Integrator Template” was introduced as custom implementations pages. The tricky part is how to make such system in different environments, to have unified web experiences for the user.

The phrase of “don’t reinvent the wheel”, is suitable for the reason on the next system for the Volkswagen ecosystem. There are lots of Volkswagen pages often use repetitive data of the cars such as title, image and caption. The system was built with Drupal 7 to deliver the common data, assets for the Volkswagen pages. The system acts as data provider, make available of common information to be used in various pages.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Volkswagen pages are involved of multiple different pages. The main page is to allow new prospective VW customers to register themselves for new exciting car line. Different pages also involve campaign to promote of new type of car. Utility pages to help VW customer to find the nearest dealers or get information on how much the car in specific feature. All of these are part of my responsibility to ensure the pages are successfully delivered.

In the early of the project, it is important to forecast on the project in terms on the feasibility on the technical aspect and also the cost involved. Assisting project manager to provide correct technical knowledge on the upcoming project.

In team development, my roles are to bring the technical expertise and knowledge to the team. Assisting front-end, back-end and designer to have better experience on the project. Leading the project in the technical aspect to direct to the right and correct way.


The Volkswagen sites as entire ecosystem brings such an interesting, extraordinary and challenging experiences. In relate to orchestra collective systems into one, the complexity of a large amount campaign pages with creativity and requirements bring to another level of practical knowledge to apply.