As web developer with 8 years commercial experience working in various web related roles, I have a wide range of skills, both front-end and back-end developments.

I mainly take on back-end development with experience in various projects. I am able to work on a project from design, coding until deployment the final product. Team collaboration with designers and front-end developers including project manager to provide experience and advice on all aspect of a project.

Back-end Skills

ASP.NET – MVC 3+, Entity Framework, MSSQL Server 2008

In high profile client such as Volkswagen, I mainly develop solutions using Microsoft technologies. This include the famous ASP.NET MVC, combined with Entity Framework and Microsoft SQL Server 2008. For the ASP.NET language, I take advantage of is C# with principle of design pattern always kept in mind.

PHP – Composer, Drupal 7, CodeIgniter

It is more than 80% of all the websites ever built with PHP technologies. I found it no surprise because of the flexibility, robustness and features that are available at ease. I have experienced on building website with PHP language combined with Composer as dependencies manager. I often make use of Drupal 7 or CodeIgniter to allow content management for sites I built.